Your Story


It’s about NOT being ignored.
We’re highlighting a personal story or event that transformed a mid-career professionals’ life for the better.
We believe shining a light on a story reveals skills and translates to qualities needed in the future of work.


Because too many talented mid career professionals have slipped through the cracks in the hiring process.
That’s why we’re creating a podcast called, “Please Ignore Us”.

If you have an important story from your life, we’d love to hear more!
1. Overcoming an obstacle or adversity and what you gained/learned from that experience. How did it build character? Why did it make you a better person? This is a non work story. It can go back to childhood.
2. A story about something you accomplished outside of work. It could be running a marathon, wrote a book, the success fundraising for a nonprofit. Learning new technology. Examples of doing something challenging and achieving a goal.

What Happens Next:

For those who believe they have a story worth telling, we’ll ask them to complete the brief questionnaire.
After reviewing applications, we’ll interview up to 5 people per month (30 minutes at most) to hear
their personal (non work related) stories and share them on the “Please Ignore Us” podcast.
Everyone we interview will be anonymous.


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